Semester Forms

Departmental Request (D-clearance) Form

Use this link to request clearance for any NSCI related course.  You will need to include the Course Name, Course Number, Class Number, and Number of Units.  Be sure to complete ALL fields in this form, to ensure you receive the proper clearance.

End of Semester Report

As part of USC’s efforts to comply with the Affordable Care Act, it is required that all TAs and RAs submit the end of semester report.  Beginning with summer 2015, the attached form is mandatory, and should be submitted no later than the last day of classes.

Funding Support Form

In order to ensure appropriate support of NGP students, you must complete a funding support form for every fall, spring, and summer semester.  You and your advisor must sign the form, and you must provide a valid account number.

Student Semester Evaluation Form

The Advisement Committee meets twice a year to review the performance of each student in the Program. The evaluation will contain one of four ratings: (1) Acceptable performance, (2) Acceptable performance, assuming you take certain actions, (3) Unacceptable performance, (4) No evaluation. Students should meet with their faculty mentors for a full explanation of the review letter.


Annual Progress Report (APR) Form

PhD students must meet with their Guidance or Dissertation Committee on your research at least once every 9 months.   Members of your guidance committee must be present and sign off on this form and returned to Deanna Solórzano.

Individual Development Plan

An individual development plan (IDP) helps you explore career possibilities and set goals to follow the career path that fits you best.  There are two IDP formats that students can choose to follow:

My IDP Science Careers

IDP Template

Guidance/Dissertation Committee

Please use this form to establish your Guidance Committee, your Dissertation Committee, and any changes that might occur.  The Guidance Committee is composed of five members. The committee chair and at least two additional members must be affiliated with the student’s program. The Dissertation Committee must consist of at least three members. Remember for both these committees your CHAIR is not your faculty mentor.

Request to Take the Qualifying Examination

Please submit this form with your committee chair’s signature at least 30 days prior to taking your Part B Oral Examination.

Verification of Degree Requirements

Before you schedule your Dissertation Defense, you must schedule a meeting with Dawn Burke to ensure you have met all necessary degree requirements, as well as to make sure you have all the necessary documentation.  You will need to bring this form, signed by your faculty advisor, as well as your STARS Report to the meeting.

Approval to Submit Dissertation

At least 2 weeks before submitting your Dissertation to the Thesis Center, you must submit this form to the Neuroscience Graduate Program Office.  Ensure you get all the necessary signatures from your committee.  This form triggers your final title entry into the Student System.

Dissertation and Defense Information

First-year Forms

Academic Advisement Form

The NGP Director and Co-Associate Director serve as members of the Advisement Committee. They will advise all new students on the courses you need to take before each semester of in the first year, with one required to sign off on the Academic Advisement form.

Rotation Contract and Rotation Summary

Before and upon completion of each rotation, it is required to submit a signed contract and summary form signed by both you and the faculty advisor.

Reimbursement and Educational Allowance Request Forms

Reimbursement Request Form

Use this form to request a reimbursement for NGP related expenses.  This form should only be used if prior approval has been granted.  Please fill out the Travel Expense Report or Non Travel Expense Report to submit with your request.  Incomplete forms or requests will not be processed.

1st Year Educational Allowance Request Form

The Neuroscience Graduate Program provides an educational allowance to assist first year NGP doctoral students that can be used for a computer or travel to a scientific meeting during the first year in the program. The amount of support is $1,000, and is to be used with in the first academic year. Students must submit their funding requests for all meetings and events at least 4 weeks prior to travel dates in order to verify their funding eligibility.  Please fill out the Travel Expense Report or Non Travel Expense Report to submit with your request.  Incomplete forms or requests will not be processed.

Other Important Forms

General Program Petition

The General Program Petition Form is used for most departmental petitions and requests.

Emergency Contact Information

Please fill out this form so the Neuroscience Graduate Program Office has an updated Emergency Contact.  You only need to submit this form once, unless there are any updates to the information provided.

Direct Deposit Form

Please fill out this form for direct deposit of fellowship stipends and reimbursements.