NGP Symposium


The Neuroscience Graduate Student Symposium is an annual event held at the University Park Campus at the University of Southern California. The event is an opportunity for students in the Neuroscience Graduate Program to present their research to their fellow students, to faculty, and to any others interested in the exciting and growing field of neuroscience.

NGF Symposium will be held on January 20, 2017.

Guest Speaker Dr. Georg F. Striedter, UC Irvine

The event is in its tenth year, so RSVP as soon as formal announcements are made to make it the best one yet!

12th Annual Neuroscience Graduate Forum Symposium Coordinators:

Chris Im, Hilary Dorton, Mariana Uchoa and Samson King,


NGP Symposium Schedule- January 28, 2015

NGP Symposium Schedule- January 29, 2016