The Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) at USC represents a highly inter-disciplinary approach to understanding neural function. An outstanding range of scientists drawn from many different departments across the University maintain state-of-the-art laboratories that offer diverse opportunities for graduate training leading to the Ph.D. First-year students gain a broad understanding of basic concepts in biological, cognitive, and modeling approaches to brain structure and function through shared core courses. Thereafter, each student’s specific program of study is tailored to individual interests, which enables the student to gain a deep understanding of selected topics during the Ph.D. thesis research.

The philosophy behind the curriculum is to get students into neuroscience research as quickly as possible, while providing them with the best tools to perform it.
Requirements for students entering Fall 2016.

Neuroscience and Related Courses at USC

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Neuroscience Journal Clubs

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Neurodegenerative Journal Club
Neuromuscular Junction Journal Club
Vision Journal Club
Developmental Neuroscience Journal Club