John R Monterosso

Associate Professor of Psychology

John R Monterosso

Research Images

Louise (grad student) and Jodi (project assistant) in the MR suite with the Louise signals Xochitl to deliver nicotine vapor to the participant in the scanner.

Research Overview

John Monterosso studies mechanisms underlying human self-control from the combined perspectives of behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience (sometimes collectively referred to as ?neuroeconomics?). He has co-authored 60 journal articles and book chapters.

Contact Information

Mailing Address Hedco Neuroscience Bldg, Rm 117
3641 Watt Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520
Office Location HNB, Rm 117
Office Phone (213) 740-6982
Lab Location SGM, Rm 815
Lab Phone 213 740 1284
Office Location HNB, Rm 117



  • Swarthmore College, BA 1992
  • University of Pennsylvania, PhD 1997

Selected Publications

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