Dominique Duncan

Assistant Professor of Neurology

Dominique   Duncan

Research Topics

  • Epilepsy
  • EEG
  • MRI
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Applied Harmonic Analysis
  • Diffusion Geometry
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Nonlinear Filtering
  • Analysis and Modeling of Signals
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Virtual Reality

Contact Information

Mailing Address 2025 Zonal Ave. 208B
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Office Location USC Stevens Hall for Neuroimag
Office Phone (323) 865-1710
Lab Location
Lab Phone
Office Location USC Stevens Hall for Neuroimag


  • Yale University, PhD, 2013, Electrical Engineering
  • University of Chicago, BS, 2007, Mathematics and Polish Literature

Selected Publications

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  • Duncan D, Newman B, Saslow A, Wanserski E, Ard T, Essex R, Toga A. VRAIN: Virtual reality assisted intervention for neuroimaging. In Virtual Reality (VR), 2017 IEEE 2017 Mar 18 (pp. 467-468). IEEE.

  • Duncan D, Strohmer T. Classification of alzheimer s disease using unsupervised diffusion component analysis. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. 2016 Dec 1.

    PubMed Link
  • Kashdan E, Duncan D, Parnell A, Schattler H, Mathematical methods in systems biology, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 2016 December; 13(6):i-ii.

    PubMed Link
  • Joshi RB, Gaspard N, Goncharova II, Duckrow RB, Duncan D, Gerrard JL, Spencer DD, Hirsch LJ, Zaveri HP. Regional and network relationship in the intracranial EEG second spectrum. Clinical Neurophysiology. 2016 Nov 30;127(11):3485-91.

    PubMed Link
  • Duncan D, Duckrow RB, Pincus SM, Goncharova I, Hirsch LJ, Spencer DD, Coifman RR, Zaveri HP, Reply to "About the electrophysiological basis of resting state networks," Clinical Neurophysiology, 2013 December; 125(8):1713-4.

    PubMed Link
  • Duncan D, Duckrow RB, Pincus SM, Goncharova I, Hirsch LJ, Spencer DD, Coifman RR, Zaveri HP. Intracranial EEG evaluation of relationship within a resting state network. Clinical Neurophysiology. 2013 Oct 31;124(10):1943-51.

    PubMed Link
  • Duncan D, Talmon R, Zaveri HP, Coifman RR. Identifying preseizure state in intracranial EEG data using diffusion kernels. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. 2013 Jun 1;10(3):579-90.

    PubMed Link
  • Fang J, Duncan D, Morse AS. Sequential localization with inaccurate measurements. In American Control Conference, 2009. ACC'09. 2009 Jun 10 (pp. 1970-1975). IEEE.