1996 Fall

September 16, 1996 (Special Day: MONDAY)

Fourth Annual USC Neuroscience Symposium: Neuroethology
Time: 9:00am to 5:30pm; Place: Gerontology Auditorium

September 25, 1996

“Summation of Unitary Synaptic Potentials in Layer V Pyramidal Cells”
Alex Reyes (Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg)

October 2, 1996

“Organization of Mammalian Instinctive Behavior Systems”
Larry Swanson (USC)

October 16, 1996

Third USC History of Neuroscience Lecture:
Fifty Exciting Years with GABA, the Major Inhibitory Neurotransmitter
Eugene Roberts (City of Hope)

October 30, 1996

“Structure and Function of the Voltage-Sensing Domain in Shaker Potassium Channels
Dianne Papazian (UCLA)

November 6, 1996

“Studies on Immortalized Neuroendocrine Neurons”
Pamela Mellon (UC, San Diego)

November 26, 1996

“Cell Groups and Circuits Mediating the Hormonal Control of Male Sexual Behavior”
Pauline Yahr (UC, Irvine)

December 11, 1996

“The Neurobiology of Early Learning”
Michael Leon (UC, Irvine)

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