2000 Spring

January 12, 2000

“Does the Environment Exert an Instructive Role on the Development of Motor Control in the Embryonic Period?”
Nina Bradley (USC) Host: Larry Swanson (NB)

January 26, 2000

“Biophysical and Molecular Studies of Exocytosis in Excitable Cells”
Robert Chow (USC) Host: Alan Watts (NS)

February 9, 2000

“Molecular Control of Neural Crest Development”
David J. Anderson (Caltech) Host: Chien-Ping Ko (NB)

February 23, 2000

“Goal-Directed Instrumental Action: Contingency, Incentive Learning, and their Neural Substrates”
Bernard Balleine (UCLA) Host: Alan Watts (NS)

March 8, 2000

“An Immunization Approach to Alzheimer Disease”
Peter Seubert (Elan Pharmaceuticals) Host: Michel Baudry (NS)

March 22, 2000

“Seasonal Plasticity of the Avian Song Control System”
Eliot Brenowitz (University of Washington) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

April 5, 2000

“Synaptic Plasticity: It’s in the Tail, Not in the Head!”
Michel Baudry (USC) Host: Richard Thompson (NS)

April 26, 2000

“Roles of Astroglial Cells in the Response to Neural Injury”
Michael Sofroniew (UCLA) Host: Larry Swanson (NB)

May 3, 2000: 5th USC History of Neuroscience Lecture

“Solomon Carter Fuller, an African-American Pioneer in Alzheimer Disease”
Caleb Finch (USC) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

Past research seminars