2003 Spring

January 15, 2003

“Addicted to Love: A Neurobiological Perspective”
Lique M. Coolen (University of Cincinnati) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

January 22, 2003

“Stress, Neurodegeneration, and Individual Differences”
Robert Sapolsky (Stanford University) Host: NGP Graduate Student (NS)

January 29, 2003

“Parallel Pathways and Local Circuits in Visual Cortex”
Ed Callaway (US, San Diego) Host: Judith Hirsch (NB)

February 5, 2003

“Executive Memory”
Joaquin M. Fuster (UCLA) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

February 12, 2003

“Consequences of Feedback Inhibition on Seizure Waves and Sensory Porcessing”
David Pinto (Brown University) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NS)

February 19, 2003

“Using Functional Imaging to Explore Connectivity and Coding in Primary Visual Cortex”
David Fitzpatrick (Duke University) Host: Judith Hirsch (NB)

February 26, 2003

“Synaptic Mechanisms for Learned Birdsongs”
Richard Mooney (Duke University) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

March 5, 2003

“Dissection of Neural Features of Schizophrenia into Genetic Disease-Specific Traits: Discordant MZ and DZ Twins”
Tyrone Cannon (UCLA) Host: Adrian Raine (NS – Co-Sponsored by the Department of Psychology)

March 12, 2003

“Molecular Neurobiology Candidate”

March 26, 2003

“Molecular Neurobiology Candidate”

April 2, 2003

“Synaptic Plasticity in the Hypothalamus Induced by Chronic Dehydration”
Jeff Tasker (Tulane University) Host: Alan Watts (NS)

April 9, 2003

“Have I Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew? Cellular Mechanisms Controlling Oral-Motor Burst and Rhythm Generation”
Scott Chandler (UCLA) Host: Jack Turman (NS)

April 16, 2003

“Linking Molecular Motors to Signalling and Neurodegenerative Disease”
Lawrence S.B.Goldstein (UC, San Diego & HHMI) Host: Don Arnold (NB)

April 23, 2003

“Phototransduction in Retinal Rods and Cones, and Beyond…”
King-Wai Yau (John Hopkins University) Host: Emily Liman (NB)

April 30, 2003

“Bone Morphgenetic Proteins: Multifunctional Regulators of Neurogenesis”
Anne Calof (UC, Irvine) Host: Neil Segil (NS)

May 7, 2003

“Functional Neuroimaging (PET and fMRI) Investigations of Imitation”
Jean Decety (University of Oregon) Host: Michael Arbib (NS)

Past research seminars