2004 Fall

September 14, 2004

“Molecular targets for ethanol in LGICS”
Ronald Alkana (USC) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

September 21, 2004

“Brain mapping in health and disease: Atlases of mince and men”
Art Toga (UCLA) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

September 28, 2004

“Hypothalamic regulation of feeding behavior via peptides and amino acid transmitters”
Glenn Stanley (UC Riverside) Host: Alan Watts (NS)

October 5, 2004

“The neural basis of object and face perception ”
Kalanit Grill-Spector (Stanford University) Host: Bosco Tjan (NS)

October 12, 2004

“How the visual system processes ignored information ”
Geoff Boynton (Salk Institute) Host: Zhong-Lin Lu (NS)

October 19, 2004

“The rudiments of consciousness in the Drosophila brain ”
Ralph Greenspan (Institute of Neuroscience, San Deigo) Host: Michelle Arbeitman (NS)

November 2, 2004

“Cerebellar granule cells in vivo: linking sensory integration to memory storage ”
Michael Hausser (University College, London) Host: Bartlett Mel (NS)

November 9, 2004

“How precise is Wiring?”
Dario Ringach (UCLA) Host: Judith Hirsch (NS)

November 18-20, 2004

12th ANNUAL PROVOST’S NEUROSCIENCE SYMPOSIUM (Gerontology Auditorium)”Understanding Behavior: From Molecules to Mind”
(Cosponsored by Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico & Conejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia Mexico)

Speakers: Javier Alvarez-Leefmans (CINVESTAV, SSA). “Functional roles of Na+, K+, 2Cl-cotransport in presynaptic inhibition and nociception”; Carlos Aramburo (UNAM) “Growth hormone heterogeneity: a model of endocrine, paracine, and/or autocrine diversity?”; Newton S. Canteras (University of Sao Paulo) “Neural systems underlying predatory hunting”; Carlos Cepeda (UCLA) “Morphological and electrophysiological substrates of pediatric epilepsy”; Hong-Wei Dong (Allen Institute for Brain Sciences) “Amygdalar coordination of hypothalamic behavioral and visceral responses; Jorge Larriva (UNAM) “Three dimensional structure of the cerebral hemisphere’s BST”; James McGaugh (UCI) “Role of the amygdala in creating lasting explicit memory”; Raul Parades (UNAM) “Neurobiology of non-copulating rats”; Frederico Bermudez-Rattoni (UNAM) “Molecular mechanism of taste-recognition memory”; Alcino Silva (UCLA) “Molecular and cellular recognition: unraveling the molecular, physiological and neuronantomical basis of remote memory”; Larry Swanson (USC) “Cerebral hemisphere control of motivation and emotion”; Richard Thompson (USC) “Differential processes of short term and long term memory storage for explicit and implicit memories”; Alan Watts (USC) “Stimulatory and inhibitory neural networks in the control of motivated behaviors.”

November 23, 2004

“Adhesion and active zone formation dynamics at a mammalian synapse”
Ehud Isacoff (UC, Berkeley) Host: Don Arnold (NB) November 30, 2004
“Genetic regulation of the neocortex into primary areas and its influence on behavior”
Dennis O’Leary (Salk Institute) Host: Samantha Butler (NB) Past research seminars