2004 Spring

January 15, 2004

“Extinction: Curioser and Curioser”
James Kahoe (University of New South Wales, Australia) Host: Richard Thompson (NS)

January 22, 2004

“Surfing the Retinal Wave: Mechanisms & Function of Spontaneous Activity in Developing Mammalian Visual System”
Marla Feller (UC, San Diego) Host: Norberto Grzywacz (NS)

January 26, 2004

“From Motor Control to Cognition and Language”
Masao Ito (RIKEN Institute, Japan) Hosts: Larry Swanson & Richard Thompson (NS)

January 29, 2004

“Grand Illusions of Memory”
Elisabeth Loftus (UC, Irvine) Host: Richard Thompson (NS)

February 5, 2004

“Genetic Control of Neuromuscular Synapse Patterning and Formation”
Kuo-Fen Lee (Salk Institute) Host: Chien-Ping Ko (NB)

February 12, 2004

“Seeing the Immune Response In Vivo using Two-Photon Microscopy”
Michael Cahalan (UC, Irvine) Host: Lou Byerly (NB)

February 19, 2004

“Does the Brain Play with Dice?”
Norberto Grzywacz (USC) Host: Bartlett Mel (NS)

February 26, 2004

“How do G-Protein Coupled Receptors Rule the Mind?”
Bertil Hille (University of Washington) Host: Emily Liman (NB)

March 4, 2004

“Wiring the Brain: the Logic and Molecular Mechanisms of Axon Guiance and Regeneration”
Marc Tessier-Levigne (Genentech) Host: Larry Swanson (NS)

March 11, 2004

“Molecular Biology of Pheromone Mediated Behavior in the Mouse”
Lisa Stowers (Scripps Research Institute) Host: Emily Liman (NB) March 25, 2004
“Paradigm Shift in Neuroprotective Drug Development: NMDA Receptor Block by Memantine & Nitrosylation”
Stuart Lipton (Burnham/Salk/Scripps Institutes) Host: NGP Graduate Students (NS) April 1, 2004
Keynote Speakers: Maureen & Jay Neitz (Wisconsin); Speakers from USC: Cheryl Craft, Judith Hirsch, Zhong-Lin Lu, Gerard Medioni, Bartlett Mel, and James Weiland

April 8, 2004

“BDNF: a New Excitatory Neurotransmitter?”
Arthur Konnerth (Ludwig-Maximillans-Universitat, Munich) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

April 15, 2004

“Stability and Plasticity in Primate Visual Development”
Anthony Movshon (New York University) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

April 22, 2004

“Dendritic Excitability and Synaptic Plasticity in the Hippocampus”
Nelson Spruston (Northwestern) Host: Michel Baudry (NB)

Past research seminars