2005 Spring

January 11, 2005

“Moving Toward an Understaning of How Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons Work”
Nelson Spruston (Northwestern) Host: Judith Hirsch (NB)

January 18, 2005

“Limbic Neurocircuits and Stress Integration”
James P. Herman (University of Cincinnati) Host: Alan Watts (NS)

January 25, 2005

“The Rudiments of Consciousness in the Drosophila Brain”
Ralph Greenspan (Institute for Neuroscience, San Deigo) Host: Michelle Arbeitman (NS)

February 1, 2005

“Processing of Emotional and Social Information By the Human Brain”
Ralph Adolphs (Caltech) Host: Michael Arbib (NS)

February 8, 2005

“ASIC3, An Ion Channel for Sensing Cardiac Pain”
Edwin W. McCleskey (Oregon Health & Science University) Host: David McKemy (NB)

February 22, 2005

“Synaptic Plasticity in Learning and Memory”
Yu Tian Wang (Brain Research Center and Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia) Host: NGP Graduate Students (NS)

March 8, 2005

“How Good is Good Enough? Tuning Neurons and Networks for Function”
Eve Marder (Brandeis) Host: Judith Hirsch (NB)

March 22, 2005

“Synaptic Consequences of In Vivo Activation of CREB”
Robert Malenka (Stanford University) Host: Michel Baudry (NB)

March 29, 2005

Vision Symposium 2005
Organized by Norberto Grzywacz

April 5, 2005

“Optical Control of Neuronal Circuits”
Gero Miesenboeck (Yale University) Host: Michelle Arbeitman (NB)

April 19, 2005

“The Voltage Sensor in Voltage-Dependent Ion Channels”
Francisco Bezanilla (UCLA) Host: Emily Liman (NB)

April 26, 2005

“The Role of Neurotrophic Factors and Activity in the Survival of Developing Neurons”
Ron Oppenheim (Wake Forest University) Host: Nina Bradley/Chien-Ping Ko (NS)

Past research seminars