Neuroscience Graduate Forum

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Neuroscience Graduate Forum (NGF)

The Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) at USC includes over 100 full-time students of widely varied backgrounds with broad-ranging interests and pursuits. The graduate students constitute a vigorous group and are proactive in providing input to and leadership for the program through their student-run organization, Neuroscience Graduate Forum (NGF). Students and faculty members together constitute an engaged community of scholars whose interactions are enhanced by weekly seminars, journal club activities, and annual symposia and off-site neuroscience retreats. In addition, group social and recreational activities take advantage of the multicultural vibrancy and diversity of Los Angeles and its surroundings.

The 9th Annual USC Neuroscience Graduate Program Symposium

A committee of graduate students organizes an in-house Neuroscience Graduate Student Symposium every spring in which all talks and poster presentations are given by students. This year the Symposium will be held on January, 23, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel on Figueroa (further information will available as the event approaches). It is an extremely popular and successful event that is attended by all students and faculty in the program, as well as visiting prospective graduate students. The program for the 2015 Symposium included a stimulating selection of talks by current graduate students studying diverse aspects of Neuroscience.

Hello from Caroline Johnson, the 2014-15 NGF Czarina

My name is Caroline Johnson and I am the head, or Czarina, of the Neuroscience Graduate Forum (NGF) at USC.The goal of NGF is to foster a supportive community   among all graduate students in neuroscience-related labs here at USC. As Czarina, I act as a liaison between the graduate students and faculty, representing students’ interests at faculty meetings. The major functions of NGF are to aid first year students by providing student mentors, to address graduate student concerns, explore different careers in neuroscience, and host social events. Head over to the NGF website to learn more about our organization and check out the calendar of upcoming events. Feel free to email me at any time ( if you have any questions or concerns.