Deadline to submit completed application is December 1


The USC Neuroscience Graduate Program welcomes applications from overseas. As with domestic students, many successful overseas candidates have research experience together with a strong academic background from top-ranked institutions in a subject related to the scope of the USC Neuroscience Graduate Program. All applicants must have an undergraduate degree, but some successful overseas candidates also have a post-baccalaureate degree in a neuroscience-related discipline.

The application to the Neuroscience Graduate Program requires the following materials to be uploaded to the on-line admissions system:

Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

CV or Resume

Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement)

Three Letters of Recommendation

GRE – no longer required as of 2020

TOEFL scores

ALL OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS AND TEST SCORES must also be sent using one of the following options:


TOEFL Test Scores (must be submitted by ETS)

Transcripts (must be submitted by institution)


University of Southern California

USC Office of Graduate Admission

3601 South Flower Street, Room 112

Los Angeles, CA 90089-0915

The application fee is $90.

To apply, you must complete an Application online.