Neuroscience Graduate Forum

The Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) at USC includes over 100 full-time students of widely varied backgrounds with broad-ranging interests and pursuits. The graduate students constitute a vigorous group and are proactive in providing input to and leadership for the program through their student-run organization, Neuroscience Graduate Forum (NGF). Students and faculty members together constitute an engaged community of scholars whose interactions are enhanced by weekly seminars, journal club activities, an annual symposium and off-site neuroscience retreats. In addition, group social and recreational activities take advantage of the multicultural vibrancy and diversity of Los Angeles and its surroundings.

The Annual USC Neuroscience Graduate Program Symposium

A committee of graduate students organizes an in-house Neuroscience Graduate Student Symposium every spring in which all talks and poster presentations are given by students. This year the Symposium will be held on January, 25th, 2019 at the USC Hotel on Figueroa (further information will available as the event approaches). It is an extremely popular and successful event that is attended by all students and faculty in the program, as well as visiting prospective graduate students.


Greetings from Adam Lundquist: 2019-2020 NGF Czar


Hey y’all! I’m Adam Lundquist, and I am the elected student representative, or “Czar”, of the Neuroscience Graduate Forum (NGF), of which you are automatically a member of from day 1 of entering USC’s Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP). NGF was originally created to foster a supportive community among the students of NGP and with other programs involved in neuroscience research (including engineering, psychology, pharmacy, and others). We organize various events and workshops with the goal of helping students network, explore countless career opportunities in neuroscience, address any general concerns that students may have, and provide opportunities for the students and faculty members of NGP to interact.

As your Czar, I act as the primary liaison between the graduate students and the faculty of NGP. I attend NGP Faculty Executive Committee meetings to represent the students and their best interests. If at any point during your time in NGP you have an issue arise or a suggestion for how our program could improve, please be sure to reach out and let me know. This way, we can bring it to the attention of faculty and address the problem or implement student suggestions. A strong and healthy relationship between students and faculty is essential for the success of our graduate program. During my time as Czar, I will do all that I can to promote professional and personal development, as well as serve the needs of NGP students to the best of my ability. I am excited for what this academic year has in store for us!

In addition to the position of Czar, NGF has nine other officers to complete the NGF Executive Committee. Each position specializes in a different aspect of NGF.

2019-2020 NGF Officers:

  1. Professional Development Chairs: Zach Murdock and Kasey Rose
  2. Programming Officers/Social Chairs: Aida Bareghamyan and Phil Maire
  3. New Student Liaisons: Rita Barakat, Erin Donahue, and Lauren Eisenman
  4. NGF Ambassador: Brendan Miller
  5. Historian: Jing “Lily” Zou

Feel free to contact them directly with any relevant questions, concerns, or ideas that you may have; all of their emails are located in the NGP handbook directory.

As officers of NGF, our collective goal is to make sure everyone enjoys a successful and fulfilling graduate career. We hope that everyone can enjoy their time at USC, and that everyone is aware of the many opportunities that exist at USC and beyond. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with anything!

Feel free to email me at any time ( with questions, critiques, recommendations or concerns!

Best of luck on your research endeavors, and always remember, Fight on!

Your Czar, Adam