Deadline to submit completed application is December 1

**NOTE: Please DO NOT wait until the last minute to submit in order to avoid any delay in submission.**


Applying – Applications open September 15

Entry into USC’s Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) requires a bachelor’s degree in a related subject from an accredited four-year college. In keeping with the strong multi-disciplinary nature of our program, applicants come from diverse backgrounds including Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Physics, Linguistics, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering. Competitive applicants have research experience and a strong undergraduate foundation in their chosen discipline.

For detailed applicant information, please visit the following links:


Graduate School Checklist

Why USC?

Domestic Students

International Students


NGP Admissions Statistics

Average Admissions Scores:

  • Undergrad GPA 3.60

Average Admission Statistics:

  • 200 applicants
  • 50 interviewed
  • 15-17 admitted to program

Once you have created an account and signed-in on to the application website, to select the Neuroscience Graduate Program application, choose the following and select the + button at the bottom of your screen:

Program Level: Doctoral

School: USC Neuroscience Graduate Program

Department: USC Neuroscience Graduate Program

Term: Fall