1997 Spring

January 22, 1997

“Cochlear Hair Cell Regeneration: On a Wing and a Prayer”
Edwin Rubel (University of Washington) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

February 3, 1997 (Special Day: MONDAY)

“Functional Interactions Between Visual Cortical Areas”
Jean Bullier (INSERM, Lyon, France) Host: Irving Biederman (NS)

February 5, 1997

“Mechanisms and Theories of Spatial Attention”
Giacomo Rizzolatti (University of Parma, Italy) Host: Michael Arbib (NS)

February 12, 1997

“The Morphometric Synthesis and Statistical Analysis of Brain Images”
Fred Bookstein (University of Michigan) Host: Michel Baudry (NS)

February 26, 1997

“The Role of Innate Knowledge in Vocal Learning”
Peter Marler (UC, Davis) Host: Sarah Bottjer (NB)

March 5, 1997

“Extending Models of Hippocampal Function in Animal Conditioning to Human Learning and Amnesia”
Mark Gluck (Rutgers) Host: Richard Thompson (NB)

March 19, 1997

“Functional MRI of Visual Cortex”
Stephen Engel (UCLA) Host: Irving Biederman (NS)

March 26, 1997

“Clusterin (apoJ, SGP-2) has Multiple Functions in the Brain During Reproduction and Aging”
Caleb Finch (USC) Host: Richard Thompson (NB)

April 2, 1997

SPECIAL PANEL DISCUSSION: Brain ( L. Swanson), Mind ( M. Arbib ), and Spirit ( S. Laemmle)
Richard Thompson (Moderator)

April 9, 1997

“Organization and Development of Sexually Dimorphic Circuits
Richard Simerly (Oregon Regional Primate Research Center) Host: Larry Swanson (NB)

April 23, 1997

“Memory Systems of the Human Brain”
John Gabrieli (Stanford University) Host: Richard Thompson (NB)

May 7, 1997

“A Synthesis of Behavioral Learning, Sensory Physiology, and Neuromodulation: An Approach to the Induction and Contents of Cortical Memory”
Norman Weinberger (UC, Irvine) Host: Richard Thompson (NS)

Past research seminars